How Not to Get Drunk Easily

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avoid getting drunk easilyIf you don’t drink that often and get drunk too quickly unlike other people and you wonder how the hell you can stop becoming drunk fast either you’re at home or out partying with friends, then follow some of our tips below on how not to get drunk easily.

How Not to Get Drunk Easily

  • The best way on how not to get high on alcohol is to limit intake.  Be sure to drink only what you can handle so you wouldn’t be intoxicated plus the night is long so you wouldn’t want to miss the fun, right?
  • Avoid mixing drinks.  If you like mixed drinks, then stick with those or if you like beer then just drink beer.  However, if you want both, then start with cocktails first then finish off with beer.
  • Never drink on an empty stomach.  Carbohydrates help in absorption of alcohol, thus preventing you to get drunk.
  • Try no to eat sugar while drinking as this is one of the culprits why people get drunk easily.
  • While drinking, make sure that you are hydrated.  Alcohol dehydrates the body adding up to the reasons why you get drunk faster and why hangover occurs.  Drink atleast a cup of water in between drinking alcohol.
  • Drink light colored wine instead of dark colored as the latter contains more impurities leading to get drunk easily and causing potential hangover.
  • Once you’re starting to get a little dizzy, avoid leaning.  Instead sit or stand straight.  Leaning will only make you feel dizzier, and the nest think you remember is that you passed out drunk.

We hope that this article is more than what you’ve asked for.  Now, you won’t end up puking to the person next to you or doing crazy things just because you get drunk easily by following the tips stated above.  Have fun!


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