Barbecue Tips and Techniques – BBQ Grilling Guide & Tips

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barbecue tips and techniquesIt’s weekend, and the weather is beautiful.  What could you possibly do to make the most out of the day?  It’s none other than enjoying the time outdoors while wafting smoky and mouthwatering flavors on your barbecue or grill.

Grilling or cooking on an open fire is by far one of the most popular styles of cooking.  Also, it works for all kinds of food – from shrimp and other seafood up to barbecue ribs.  Mouthwatering, indeed!  So before you get on with your bbq grilling, we’ll help you with the basic barbecue tips and techniques so you would come up with a very delicious meal.  Below is the guide to the best barbecue techniques to avoid the common mistakes that people make when charcoal grilling.

BBQ Hints and Grilling Procedure

  1. Keep your grill clean. A dirty grill is the reason why smoke flares up continuously. Moreover, it leaves bad taste to the food.  That’s why it is recommended to clean your grill atleast twice a year or depending on the frequency of usage.  You should also preheat the grill 10-15 minutes with your grill high.
  2. Avoid flare-ups. To control flare-ups, empty a portion of your grill so that you can move food once it occurs.  Also, you need to cut the fat of the meat as much as possible before cooking.
  3. Sugar-based sauces should be applied at the end of cooking.  They burn quickly and stick to the grill.  To avoid the food from sticking, the grill should be coated with oil before heating.
  4. The correct temperature and heat is needed to come up with good barbeque recipes. When grilling thin pieces of pork, beef, and lamb, cook them fast at a high temperature. Food like fish, and chicken should be cooked at medium temperature. While whole chickens, and thick cuts of meat should be cooked at a low temperature allowing the inside to be cooked completely.
  5. Rubs and Marinades add flavor and moisten the meat. When marinating, use an acid-based marinade such as wine, yogurt, vinegar, citrus juice, etc. marinated foods should be kept in the refrigerator and shouldn’t be re-used to avoid contamination.
  6. When grilling, make sure to watch the barbeque carefully.  You can set an alarm to tell you to check and reposition the meat.
  7. Use the correct tools and grilling equipment like tongs or spatula.  This is essential for cooking as well as your safety.
  8. Newly grilled Bar-B-Q should be served on a clean plate and be served within the hour to perfectly enjoy it.

These are some of the barbecue tips and techniques as well as instructions that I’m sure will help you.   Follow these tutorial and these will leave you with no trouble grilling.


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