Tips to Avoid Oily Face

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guide to prevent oily faceHaving one to experience oily skin as though they could see their own reflection on their faces is really bothersome.  This can happen in men; however millions of women are making a big fuss about it.  Of course, we all know that having a good skin is one o the basis on looking good.  What if that shiny and greasy face keeps on pestering you?  Well, then try to follow some of the techniques for facial skin care and tips to avoid oily face.  Here’s how.

Guide to Prevent Oily Face

  1. You always hear this, but we’ll always say that yes, this is the best rule. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking atleast 8-10 glasses of water daily. Moreover, among the tips is to eat a healthy and balanced diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits.
  2. Always use oil-free products.  Avoid using skin cleansers and moisturizers that will only worsen the problem.
  3. Go for products that maybe good for your skin.  As for me, Ella Blue’s Minty Fresh Face wash works.
  4. Cleansing your skin twice a day can help stop oily skin.  Wash your face with a dermatologically tested soap that works for you.  Be sure not to wash often as it can make your skin dry and can trigger your oil glands to work harder and produce more oil.
  5. Control the oil from your T-zone by using blotting paper.  There are a lot of blotting papers widely available in the stores or you can also make use of a clean tissue paper to control your oily skin.
  6. Exercising regularly can also help in avoiding facial oil.

That is our guide on the tips to avoid oily face.  However, in instances where your skin’s oiliness gets uncontrolled, it is best advised to visit your dermatologist to arrange specific facial treatment.  Good luck!


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