Fashion Tips for Short Men

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short man fashion tipsDoes size really matter? For some it doesn’t although it does for others. There are women who can’t dress up the way they wanted because they have to think about their size. Most men are concerned with size. Their height definitely counts. If they are tall, it’s a plus factor. If they are short, it’s like their manliness is lessened. I know that you know what I mean. Your height affects your fashion and style. You can’t wear some clothes because they don’t look good on you. You feel that life has become so unfair to you.

Fashion Advice for Short Men

Hey! It’s not the end of the world if you aren’t lucky enough to have the height that others have.  You can also wear the designer clothing that you see on magazine. Those are not just for big men but even more small men. Read the following styling tips:

  • Wear vertical stripes. Vertical stripes elongate your height. They help extend the look of your shorter body.
  • Wear one color. Wear pants and a shirt in the same color to prevent obvious breaks in your natural frame, thus will make you appear taller.
  • Choose dark shades and light fabrics. Dark color like black and navy blue have the slimming effect and this will create an illusion that you are taller. Heavy fabrics tend to make you bulkier and shorter.
  • Choose clothes that fit you. Avoid wearing baggy garments and too many accessories. Avoid wearing cardigans and blazers with more than three buttons as they emphasize your short upper body.
  • Wear shoes that can elevate your stature.

See? It isn’t hard to dress up. You can still follow and enjoy the beauty of fashion trends even if you are short. One thing more, make your hair short. Love yourself!


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