Best Selling Car in the World

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best selling car in the worldIn the world of automobile there are names that stay on the top.  There are names that take the lead not only in one generation but for several generations and counting. They are simply undisputable with the quality of cars that they produce and sell.

Success in the auto industry is measured through results of sale.  If there is a high sale then it means the name of the car has gained the trust of people.  Some people stick to what they have tried before; others try the ones that are being talked about for the great performance and quality.

The question now is, “What is the world’s top selling car ?”  Check the list and see if you own one.

Top 5 Best Selling Cars in the World

  1. Toyota Corolla:  It is a line of compact cars and by far the best-selling nameplate in automotive history.  Toyota is also one of the fastest manufacturers of vehicles. The making of Corolla began in 1966. It was the best-selling car of all time in 1997. To the present day, more than 35 million vehicles were sold. Expect Corolla to stay on the top.
  2. Ford – F series:  This pickup vehicle is at present the best-selling car in the world. According to a source, it sells almost one million vehicles per year. It has sold 25 million cars of this series.
  3. Volkswagen Golf:  Volkswagen means people’s car in German. To date, more than 24 million cars have been sold.
  4. Volkswagen Beetle:  This Volkswagen vehicle is the best selling car in history.  It is  a small car but it’s the second most expensive car in the world. There had been 21, 529, 464 Beetles produced.
  5. Ford Model T:  In 1967 it became one of the best sellers in Europe.  It has sold 16.5 million.

The sources are 2007, 2008, and 2009 articles posted online.  Now do you own any of the best selling cars listed above?  If so, drive it and show some sense of pride for having it on the road.


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