How to Make Your Breasts Perky

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All good things come to an end – the same goes for a woman’s breasts for it is its nature that the breasts will sag over time.  However, there are a few ways you can do on how to make your breasts perky thus delaying their sagging.  How do you do this? Here are some of the suggestions.

How can you Make your Breasts Perkier

  • Maintain a stable weight.  As much as possible, avoid crash diets since losing weight fast will naturally alter the volume of your bust.
  • Always look for a good support bra.  Eighty percent of women are actually wearing bra that are not their size.  Ensure that you are wearing the right size to make your boobs better, perkier, and firmer.
  • Exercise. Regular exercising especially adding routine for your pectoral muscles can help on how to make your breasts perky.  Push-ups and chest presses are among the exercises you can add to your daily activities since they are excellent in working out your pectoral muscles.
  • Maintain a good posture.  Apart from wearing a bra with good support, your posture is also beneficial in keeping your boobs firmer.  Avoid slouching as it can contribute to sagging breasts.
  • Make it a habit to sleep with bra.  There are specially designed bras which you can use on your sleep.  Sleeping with your bra on can help in making the boobs perkier.  Sleeping on your back as well will help prevent putting the weight on your breasts and making them sag.
  • Try some alternatives like duct tape to stick your breasts together and make them look perkier.  Lotion specially designed to maintain your boobs’ perkiness can also be beneficial.

Well, those are some simple and non-invasive procedures which you can do on how to make your breasts perky.  In the instance when you’ve tried them and everything else failed, you can opt for breast augmentation procedure to avoid your boobs from being hangy and lopsided.  Good luck!


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