How to Travel with Kittens

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How to Travel with KittensTraveling is great but with pets I think it’s another thing. Personally, I don’t like to bring pets when traveling, particularly when going on a vacation.  Bring them comes with hassles.  Traveling at short or long distance can also be totally stressful on them.  To avoid too much inconvenience on your trip, you need to learn some things when traveling with your  kitten or puppies.

Tips when Traveling with Your Kittens

  • Prior to your travel, you need to be prepared of the things needed by your pet.  Make sure they are packed and ready.
  • Consider the safety of your pet.  Pets, like your real babies need to be safe. Buckle them up.  They need to be restrained. They should never be allowed free in the car. Cats can be unpredictable when traveling in the car.  They have the tendency to freak out and claw the driver or the passengers.  They can cause you accidents.
  • As much as possible, purchase a crate with good quality for your kitten. Kitten crates come in plastic, cloth, or metal.  The crate acts as a den or playpen for your pet.  If you are traveling long distance, metal and plastic cat crates are better.
  • Choose the right carrier for your pet.  There are different types that you can choose from.  Make sure that your choice is big enough to hold your kitten.  Fit the inside with a towel or blanket.  Allow your kitten to get used to it for a few days.
  • Put the carrier in the car.  Position it in a place where the cat can see out and see you.  Try to give your pet a window view if possible.
  • Pay attention to the behavior of your pet as you travel.  Watch out for violence.

If you can follow these tips, you can reach your destinations without any hassle and you will enjoy visiting places more with your pet.  Enjoy your tour!


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