How to Avoid Travel Sickness

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avoid travel sicknessTraveling is cool.  You get to enjoy the beautiful sights of different places that you visit.  Traveling is also educational because there are many things that you learn when you travel.  But what if you always feel sick everytime you travel?  You’re not going to enjoy it but instead it will be like a burden to you.

What is Travel / Motion Sickness ?

It is a condition experienced by people when they travel.  They feel sick, vomit, or dizzy.  It can happen in any means of transportation like air or sea travel.   Symptoms include dizziness, vomiting, feeling sick, headache, looking pale, sweating, drowsiness, and rapid breathing.

Prevention of Travel Sickness

But hey, I got good news for those who suffer from travel or motion sickness! You can avoid it or get rid of it by doing the following things.

  • Days before your journey, you need to have enough rest.  Find time to get good sleep for you to be able to deal with the stress of traveling.  This is also one way of avoiding jet lag.
  • Be conscious of the food that you consume.  Cut down your intake of spicy, fat-rich and heavy food items because these will worsen your motion sickness.  Moreover, you need to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages to avoid discomfort while on your trip.  Being conscious of the food and drinks that you intake also prevents you from suffering from constipation and diarrhea while traveling.
  • Try to focus your eyes on a distant point outside the car.
  • Avoid reading or playing PSP games while on board.  It’s better to listen to music.
  • Avoid smoking before or while traveling.
  • Keep your head still.
  • Remove anything that causes strong smell in the car.
  • Choose the right seat. Sit in front of the car.  This will reduce your car sickness.  When you are taking a plane, choose an aisle seat to prevent air sickness.
  • You can also take Rugby motion sickness pills if the remedies mentioned above do not work at all.

Stop the symptoms of motion sickness by trying the things mentioned above and you will enjoy traveling!


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