First Time Cruise – What to Expect ?

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Different feelings arise when you do or experience something for the first time.  Just like a first big cruise for instance. Somewhat excited and nervous, a feeling that you can’t explain.  Maybe a lot of people may not know what to expect on their first cruise over the seas.   And a lot too may have been booked for months and been waiting for their time to be on board and finally experience how it feels like to be on a cruise.  It is really necessary that you know what to do but don’t be nervous and so conscious enough so you wouldn’t ruin your first ever cruise.

Here are Some Cruising Facts that may be Helpful to you. What to Expect on First Time Cruise:

  1. For first time cruisers, the first thing that you would expect on the first day is to go through the embarkation process. Just like in airports, you will get in line and proceed through the metal detector and somewhat x-ray machine.
  2. Once you are done and cleared with 1, you are ready to check in. For some, they experience seasickness. This happens to anyone but there’s a way to avoid this, you have to keep looking at the land while the ship is in motion because the more you look at the sea, the greater chance of you to feel sick. So it is advisable to take an inside cabin for you not to be in trouble.
  3. Once you have found a place for you, you will be given an assigned dining room and be sure to visit it for this is the most important thing, you wouldn’t like to miss your meal, right? Who wouldn’t like to see and experience what to eat? It is very important for you to be familiar with the new place. If problems arise, it’s not bad to ask. Questions are always ready to be given answers. That’s the first and last thing you can do. Be ready for tips too, it’s a tradition.
  4. You will also be given lifeboat drill.  It’s a given, this is something that you should expect. They’ll show you what to wear and how to wear life jackets.

And most importantly, expect to have fun and enjoy the cruise. Feel each sail- away party, enjoy every meal, treasure every minute that you are at the open seas.

For first time tours, try to consider the spectacular cruise deals of Royal Caribbean International. Don’t raise too much of your expectations of what may happen on the cruise, they may give you lists of activities for you to know what to do when you’re bored or, you can do discovery and experience something you would never forget, something that you would enjoy.  And the best thing you can do is to make each second worth remembering.


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