Best Time to Visit Niagara Falls

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One of the great natural wonders in the world is the marvelous Niagara Falls, also called Cataract City.  It is 176 feet high and 150,000 gallons per second fall.  The pounding water continues to spray which makes it a fantastic sight.  It is located 15 miles north of Buffalo, New York, 150 miles south of Toronto, Canada, and 350 miles northwest of New York City.  It is actually surrounded by two cities-New York and Ontario.  Tourism in these cities are productive.

best time to visit niagara falls

The two cities that surround the falls are called the Honeymoon Cities because it is a favorite honeymoon destination of couples. You can see it when you are in the US and when you are in Canada.  But the Canadian side has the best panoramic view of the falls.  The Canadian side also has many tourist attractions.  For the US side, you can have relaxing walks along the rim of the great falls and great picnic areas.  If I were you, I’d see it from both sides!

If you are set to visit this spectacular attraction, you want to know the best time of the year to go and visit the place.  Well, it all depends on what you really want to experience in going there.  We are going to help you decide with the seasons.

Best Time to Travel to Niagara Falls

  • Summer:  This season is best when it comes to water fall strength.  If the volume of the water is greater, then the better the viewing experience is.  The better the viewing experience is, the more exciting the visit will be.  However, the place is crowded because many people visit the place during this season.  Expect long lines, too.  This might be unbearable on your part.  Summer is also the best time to visit Grand Canyon.
  • Winter:  Watching the falls is an outdoor activity.  You have to consider that it’s very cold in the winter. Thick layers of ice can also hide the falls.
  • Best times:  It’s recommended to visit this place in early May and late September.

Things to Do

  • Ride the Maid of the Mist boats: You should experience the tour right at the falls area. The boats take you beneath it and get full of mist. You sea seagulls flying and rainbows, too. The ride will cost you $10.
  • Cave of the Winds Tour: This is on the US side and it’s also an exciting experience. An elevator takes you to the rocks and walk within 25 ft of the water. Through this you can experience the power of the wind for about $5.

How can I get to Niagara Falls ?

Via air, you have to fly into either Toronto, Ontario, or Buffalo. From the airport, you can rent a car or take a shuttle bus to get to the falls. Amtrak train service is also available.

Where can I stay ?

Stay at the quality hotels that are close to the running water.  They have good accommodations for tourists.

These are just basic information about Niagara Falls. Visit the website of expedia to get reviews of the hotels near the falls. Have a groovy trip!


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