Best Places to Live in Colorado, United States

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If your family plans to move to Colorado and stay there for good, then you’ve come to the right post.  We will help you finalize your decision by giving you a taste of Colorado.  We will enumerate the best, safest, and, nicest places where you can live happily.

Colorado is a state of the United States which encompasses most of the Southern Rocky Mountains.  Its name is from the Spaniards.  They named it Colorado because of its red colored earth.  The state is well-known for its colorful landscape of plains, mountains, canyons, and mesas.  These are the attractions that really amaze tourists.  Denver, the capital of Colorado is the most crowded city of the state.

Denver Colorado - One of the great places to Live

Denver Colorado - One of the great places to Live

Best Places to Live in Colorado

  • Denver, Colorado:  This is one of the best places to raise a family according to Child magazine.  There are good schools, pediatric healthcare, air quality, and housing costs.
  • Colorado Springs: This part of Colorado is actually great for singles. You might find your soulmate or destiny here.  You’ll find good dating opportunities.  If you haven’t met your special someone yet, consider moving to this place.  In addition to your good chance in love, it is also one of the cheapest places.  You can rent a good apartment at a reasonable price.
  • Loveland/Fort Collins: If you want to start anew alone and reinvent yourself, this is the perfect place for you.  This is one of the top places to live in the US according to the survey conducted by AARP magazine.  Fort Collins is considered one of the safest and nicest places to live in Colorado.
  • Boulder:  It has an easy access to Denver.  This is perfect for commuters who work or study in Denver.  You will enjoy activities like hiking, rock climbing, cycling, and other outdoor activities but not surfing.
  • Louisville:       It is safe and nice to live here but the taxes are awful.
  • Parker:  The place is family-oriented so it’s a good place to raise your kids.  There are accessible employment centers here so you don’t need to worry about earning a living.

Now that you know where you can stay in Colorado, pack up your things and get ready to embrace a new atmosphere.  Have a happy life!


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