How to Spice Up your Marriage Life

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how to spice up marriageMarriage is like your favorite plant.  You need to take good care of it.  How do you do it? You water it regularly.  You fertilize it if it’s needed.  You spray insecticides to keep it away from insects that may destroy its beauty and growth.  Marriage needs love to survive. It needs romance to fertilize it and make it grow healthy and strong.  The couple needs to keep the flame of love burning to maintain the warmth.  These things will keep you away from temptation and from anything that can wreck it.

It’s probably true that love fades away over time.  But if you want to prove that it doesn’t, then do something to keep the love alive.  Spice up your marriage.

Tips to Spice up your Marriage

  • A sexless marriage is boring!  It’s a part of life if you are married. Actually sex is one of the biological needs of humans.  Give your spouse the pleasure that only you can give.  Rock your bedroom and it’s going to spice up your marriage!  Learn the art of kamasutra and get sex life ideas and tips from experts.  You can always benefit from trying something new.
  • You need to be passionate and intimate to your husband or wife like it’s your honeymoon or first days together after your wedding day.  Seize every moment that you are together.
  • Establish a good relationship with your spouse by being thoughtful, honest, and by being a good listener.  Don’t nag your husband.  Nagging drives away your husband.
  • Remember the special day of your spouse.  Prepare something for his/ her birthday.
  • Communication is the key to your marriage success.  If there are issues, open up.  Talk about them and solve them together.
  • Trust your partner.  Don’t be very suspicious.
  • Have fun together.  Break your monotonous routines and find ways to go out and play exciting games like what other couples do.  This will enhance your relationship.

Love, respect, trust, intimacy, and fun are the greatest things to make married people strong and happy.


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One Response

Mr. Spice Says:December 27th, 2010 at 4:11 pm

I am not sure I agree with you that love fades away over time – I think it becomes different. It matures past “good feelings” into a much more mature relationship! And Your Tips here are great ways to keep that love growing and maturing in the right direction. Thanks for the great tips!

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