How to Date a Japanese Woman

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How to Date a Japanese WomanAsian women like Japanese, Korean, and Chinese women are simply appealing to men. They have the beauty that you can’t resist.  Once you see them, you’ll be constantly stealing glances at them.   They are hot and attractive.   Some men say that they are naturally attracted and seduced by the loveliness of these women.  You are a lucky guy if you happen to meet a single Japanese woman who wants to go out with you.  You have successfully hooked one!

Guide when Dating a Japanese Woman

Read the following relationship tips to make your relationship with a Japanese woman deeper and more exciting.

  • You have to know and understand that Japanese women are stylish.   This means you have to have a sense of taste in your clothes and in the way you act.   They will evaluate your taste and sense of style.   Rugged jeans and sneakers won’t be appreciated.
  • Know the culture and way of life of Japan.  Dance with the music.
  • They like to be treated well just like any other girls.  This is very basic anyway.   You treat your girl right so that you will win her heart.   Respect her rights as a woman.   Don’t treat her like an object that you can always control.
  • Compliment her beauty to make her feel good.   If a non-Japanese man praises their beauty, it’s music to their ears.
  • Take things slow and be patient.   You don’t need to rush.   Take time to get to know each other well.   Give her ample time to evaluate her feelings.
  • Don’t be too aggressive.   Avoid rushing into touching, holding hands, kissing, or petting as you might scare her away.   Look for indirect signs that she’s ready to be intimate to you.   This dating advice will make your relationship a success.
  • Be a real gentleman and he will fall for you.

There you go!  I hope that these relationship tips are helpful to you.


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rice king Says:January 30th, 2011 at 10:10 pm

to understand japanese women, you have to understand their society and the best book to explain this is a book i found called black passenger yellow cabs. after reading this book i now know what im gonna when i get out of college. Im moving to japan

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