How to ManageTime and Set Priorities

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manage time and set prioritiesHaving good time management means more work to be done, more accomplishments and giving the most of you and your quality time to the most important things/ persons in your life. You do not miss events that are truly fulfilling, those that make life wonderful. Time is gold as what they usually say. Do not waste your time, instead use it wisely. You can never bring back the time you had spent badly before so better make use of your time sensibly.

Here I give you tips on how to manage time and set priorities.

  • Make your own schedule of activities. Enter to your calendar the activities you are ought to do for the week. Identify your main priorities. There is a need for you to do that so you could proper focus for those most important things. Planning is very important. You can follow the 3 list method. First is the weekly calendar, allot more time to more important things and be sure that it’s not wasted. Next is the Daily Things to Do. Note the things you needed to accomplish each day. This helps you to be organized with the things you need to do and this helps you too to be aware of them. This serves as a reminder for you for the day. Check each item if you have finished the work. The third is the list of your goals and other things. You can have there what you want to achieve for the next month, you can go beyond a week. This is also a big help for you to develop long term goals and keeping a list keeps you on track of your obligations.
  • Focus. It allows you to think better. You may have been experiencing over fatigue, stress and anxiety but never ever lose your focus.
  • Do things at a time. Finish first one work before you start another. Do first the most important things then proceed to the lesser ones. Make your own schedules in doing the tasks but do not waste so much of your time just by doing your plan.
  • If on your list you see you still have a lot of things to finish, do not let negative feelings enter your mind. Have a positive view and continue until you meet the finish line.

Be guided by the abovementioned tips. But it still all lies on self-discipline. Do things on your control so you could use your time wisely and set your most important priorities. But do not also sacrifice your happiness. It’s always good to be happy with whatever you do.


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