How to Send Flowers Internationally

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send flowers internationally“Where the heart is willing, it will find a thousand ways.   Where it is unwilling, it will find a thousand stupid excuse.”  This famous line is from Arlen Prince expresses a very meaningful thought.   If you want your special someone to feel loved by you, no matter where you are you will find ways just to let him or her feel it.  You can conquer the distance.

This is the reason why creative people have thought of sending fresh flowers locally and internationally.  They want the connection and sweetness to remain with fresh flowers or plants, chocolates, and teddy bears.  They make it even easier because you can make your orders online and can give flowers and other presents even if you are overseas.

Sending Flowers Internationally is Easy

You don’t have to look for flower shops.  Just follow the following:

  • All you have to do is go online.
  • Search for websites that offer this kind of service. Some websites include those of Florist Transworld, Flora Queen, Flora2000, FTD, Online Flowers, and others.  They have expert florists so you will not be disappointed. FTD is suggested as it spans 165 countries.
  • If you want to pay cash find a local florist who is a part of the Teleflora network. Log on to the website Locate-A-Flower-Shop and enter your city and state.
  • Pick your choice from the selections that the local florist offers.
  • The florist will pass on your order to a florist in the destination country.
  • You need a major credit card to make your order online.
  • Log on to FTD to check if your country has member florists.  Look for the International Deliveries and click on it.  You will be given a list of continents.  You will also see choices for additional gifts like bouquets with a box of chocolates or cards.  I am not sure on the delivery charge. Just check the website for further information.

Now that you know how to send flowers internationally, try it and brighten the day of your sweetheart with colorful flowers.


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