Pills for Acne Over the Counter

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Pills for Acne Over the CounterWhile some acne breakouts are only brought about as one reaches the puberty stage, others are left dealing with pimples and blackheads most of their lives.  This can be pretty much depressing, and it can really make you lose your self-confidence.

Apparently, the local health market offers a lot of great deals which promise to help you fight off those zits and give your skin a glow.  Moreover, a couple of treatment like facial and peeling sessions is also done to get rid of the problem.  But oftentimes, they could get too hefty, and will leave you putting on harsh chemicals on your skin.  If this is the case, your last resort maybe is to look for drugs and tablets, and other medication treatment that can help you eliminate acne caused by hormonal imbalance or too much oil gland.  Are there pills for acne over the counter that can help you deal with your problem?  We’ll help you answer this question, so why not read the entire article below.

Over the Counter Pills for Acne

Pills for acne over the counter – oops, sorry!  Though there’s an array of medicine to choose from which can help you treat the condition, they aren’t available over the counter.  Oral antibiotic capsules, for instance, are some of the medicine of choice for acne control.  These have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects which help fight off bacteria causing pimples. Tetracycline, Minocycline, Doxycycline, and Erythromycin are among the drugs used for treating acne.  These drugs have some side effects which is why a proper talk with your dermatologist should be done prior to treatment. Oral antibiotics are contraindicated to pregnant women and can make birth control pills less effective.  Moreover, iron supplements and other vitamins should not be taken within two hours of taking these antibiotics because they can make the antibiotic less effective.

Among the pills for acne used to combat disgusting zits is the Isotretinoin. This medication is used in cases when the acne doesn’t get better despite of the other treatment available.  This is a pill taken once a day depending on your physician’s dosage for atleast 15-20 weeks.  This medication has a lot of contraindications including pregnancy as it can cause serious birth defects.  It also has some side effects like Rosacea and drying, scaling, and inflammation on the lips.  People under Isotretinoin treatment should be closely monitored by the dermatologist.

So, you see there aren’t available pills for acne over the counter, and if there was, you aren’t really sure of how effective it’s going to be.  Therefore, you might as well visit a dermatologist if you are having bouts with your acne. This way, you’ll be able to talk with him and plan your treatment accordingly.


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