How to Reverse Erectile Dysfunction

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how to reverse erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction (ED) or otherwise referred to as impotence poses one of the hallmark symptoms which is the inability to get or keep an erection during sexual intercourse.  This incident happens constantly when a man engages in coitus. Impotence can occur at any age, though men who are on their mid-60s and up are common to experiencing this one.  This issue can be a real battle for men which are why this post is for men who are suffering from the situation.  In this post, we’ll give you tips on how to reverse erectile dysfunction by utilizing some of our advices.  But before that, here are some causes why ED happens.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Malnutrition
  • Lack of exercise
  • Drinking alcohol and tobacco smoking
  • Certain diseases (e.g. Diabetes, Peyronies disease, etc.)
  • Psychological conditions (e.g. depression, guilt, anxiety, etc.)
  • Use of certain medication treatment

How to Reverse ED

  1. Take Viagra to help reverse ED.  This increases the blood flow to a man’s penis during arousal. You can also consider Cialis which produce the same effect as Viagra.  Be sure to talk to your doctor about these prescription drugs.
  2. Do not drink and smoke. Smoking can actually weaken your blood circulation.  Moreover, it hardens your arteries which are why it may be hard for your blood to reach to your penis.  On the other hand, drinking alcohol can depress your nervous system.  Once your system is depressed, your sexual performance can actually be affected because of the inhibited reflexes and arousal.
  3. Take supplements which are rich in fish oil and Vitamin B to improve your blood circulation.  Associating exercise on it like walking will also be a great help.
  4. Avoid intake of foods which are high in fat and cholesterol.  These can actually reduce the blood flow thus leading to impotence because of the plaque accumulation in the arteries.
  5. Limit your intake of caffeine – rich drinks such as coffee, soda, tea, and chocolate.  They can also reduce the arterial blood flow to your penis.
  6. Stay away from triggers that can affect your sexual performance.  Keep out of stress free environment or see to it that you can handle stress properly to improve your sex life.
  7. You can also opt for the gingko herb that is widely available in your local health stores.  This is thought to be help on how to reverse erectile dysfunction.

So, this is how to reverse erectile dysfunction.  The tips are more on how to reverse its causes to avoid suffering from the issue.  We hope we have given you relief regarding your issue.  Good luck!


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