How to Remove Stretch Marks Naturally – Natural Remedies

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how to remove stretch marks naturallyIt feels a lot depressing and embarrassing if we find out that our young looking and glowing skin turns out dull and most especially when stretch marks start appearing. This is one of the problems of women today.  They occur due to rapid weight loss, weight gain, and during pregnancy.  They cause changes in the body and that later affects the skin causing the appearance of stretch marks.  There maybe ways on how you can eliminate stretch marks but it is a lot a better if you prevent them before they appear. Revealing the smoothness and softness of the skin is a possibility already and not only this, we will be able to eliminate the stretch marks naturally at the same time.

Here are some steps or ways on how to remove stretch marks naturally.

Prevention:  Shea Lotions, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Rose Oil

Prevention is a lot better than cure as what they say. T here are still ways on how to get rid of stretch marks.  Rub cocoa butter or shea lotion/ cream onto stomach, buttocks, breasts and hips. Do it twice a day, this will help you revive the moisture and flexibility of your skin.  If you are pregnant, it helps also if you wear a maternity bra that gives good support. Vitamins A, E, and rose oil are very useful also in this case, these prevent stretch marks to form. Spread the oil or Vitamin on the area. You will feel the difference and a remarkable outcome will definitely occur for it will encourage the skin to rebuild and give its finest result.

Vitamin C , Natural Remedy to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

It is a lot better if we try to find natural remedies to remove stretch marks. One effective oil that helps diminish young stretch marks is the wheat germ oil.   It’s also good if you try variations of vitamin C.  It promotes collagen production and it helps a lot in the removal of stretch marks.  It is even more effective when it’s combined with glycolic acid, supporting collagen production as well.  Retinoid can also be a great help in removing stretch marks, they are known to be used in preventing wrinkles and acne but it’s also effective on stretch marks.

Staying Healthy by Eating Balance Diet

Be Healthy.  Staying healthy is very important.  This includes eating the right food, having a healthy diet, drinking lots of water and not staying under the sun.  Reduce the caffeine or tea intake, drink water instead.  Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and not too much on food rich in fats.  Eat those that are high in protein and Vitamins. Bran, nuts, and berries are just some food rich in Vitamin C, E and zinc, these will help so much for the skin to heal as well as to give radiance to dull skin.  Exercise is also one of the ways on how to maintain skin’s elasticity but just be careful and don’t overdo every exercise you do.  It is very necessary for the body, the skin to get the right nutrients to stay healthy.

Removing stretch marks naturally won’t take much of your time. Doing the steps won’t give you so much trouble but it requires a lot of patience, and determination. You must have the will to do it, not just for you to look fantastic or beautiful but for you to stay healthy most importantly. I wish you have learned and I hope you share.


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