Home Remedies for Instant Glowing Skin

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younger glowing looking skinIt may be unfair on someone to say that the indicator of good health is a healthy skin. Well, not everyone is gifted with supple skin especially with the kind of environment we have.   Everyday, we are exposed with different kinds of toxic that really affect the natural glow of our skin. Stressful lifestyles, air pollution, and processed foods are the main factors why maintaining a clear skin is difficult.

There are so many skin care products that are out in the market nowadays that address this problem. However, not all of us can afford them, so, a lot of us would resort to using make up that helps to hide the imperfections of the skin. With regard to this, knowledge about home remedies for instant glowing skin is really essential for us to beat the trend.

Home Remedies for Instant Younger Glowing Skin

Here are some natural cures or treatment to have the skin that you want:

  • Milk powder and honey. Make a paste by mixing a milk powder and honey. Use this paste as facial masks. It can improve you skin’s texture and your skin will appear softer after.
  • Yogurt and oats. Mix these two ingredients and use as a mild scrub on the skin. It exfoliates and leaves the skin glowing.
  • Lime juice. It has been known to whiten and clear the skin from any blemishes. Just slice a lime or lemon, get the juice out of it and apply on the areas that appeared to have flaws. Let it stay for few minutes. Then rinse with cold water.
  • Egg white and honey. Separate the white of the egg from the yolk. Mix egg white with honey. Then apply it on your face and neck. Let it stay for awhile. Rinse with cold water. This helps tighten your pores.
  • Banana. Get a ripe banana and mash it. Apply it on your face, neck and all over your body. Rinse with cold water. You will notice a different glow on your face.

The above mentioned remedies/tips should be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. Eat a balanced diet. Avoid eating processed foods. Exercise regularly. Detoxify your body using fruit juice diet to flush out all the accumulated toxins. It pays to have a beautiful skin but it’s all worth it in the end.


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