How to Cure Smelly Feet

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how to cure smelly feetWe all have to deal with having foot odor at some point in our lives. However, the problem arises once the situation has become an everyday thing. Generally, the occurrence of this incident may be due to various causes including excessive sweating or medically known as hyperhydrosis and excessive smelliness (bromohydrosis).  If you are suffering from this one, this may cause embarrassment for you.  But more than embarrassment, this may pose a health issue.  Having bouts about stinky feet? Then read on as in this post, we’ll tell you how to cure smelly feet through the use of some remedies that can help how to eliminate foul odour and sweaty feet.

How to Treat Smelly Feet

  • Wash your feet regularly with the use of a good antibacterial soap. Scrub them thoroughly to remove any bacteria that cause you to suffer from this stinky issue.
  • Use foot powder to provide fresh smell to your feet and aid in absorbing the sweat that they create.  Moreover, wear cotton socks instead of synthetic ones to help absorb the sweat.
  • Avoid smelly shoes by staying away from wearing the same pair of shoes for two consecutive days.  This will allow your shoes to dry out for a while as well.
  • One home remedy on how to eliminate foot odor is to soak them in strong black tea for a half hour daily.  Do this routine for 7 days.  The tea contains tannic acid which destroys the bacteria and keeps the feet dry.
  • Epsom salts mixed in warm water is also a natural cure on how to avoid extreme sweatiness of the feet.
  • Stinky feet jello formulas are also available that can help on how to treat and get rid of the condition.

Follow the tips given above on how to cure smelly feet and you’ll be confident enough to take your shoes off without getting nervous if they’re going to smell.  Moreover, if the issue doesn’t respond to the advices given, it would be best to consult a podiatrist and learn how to prevent or how to treat the problem.


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