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Excessive Head SweatingStudies shown that, you burn more calories while you are asleep rather than watching TV or reading a book.  In relation to this, some people would be sweating too much in their heads while they are sleeping.  We often observe that for infants or in men. Well, there’s nothing wrong with perspiration or sweating as long as it is not in excess.  Heavy sweating or hyperhidrosis indicates a mild condition to severe condition of the body.  So, what are the causes of hyperhidrosis or excessive head sweating while sleeping?  Is there any treatment or natural home remedy that you can do to stop and control this from happening to you?  What are the best tips to get rid of excessive head sweating while sleeping?


  1. Temperature of the room. It may be too hot.
  2. One of the symptoms of severe conditions like cancer, diabetes and hyperthyroidism.
  3. Medicine like birth control pills, anti depressants and psychiatric drugs may react to the natural chemistry of the body and may cause sweating at night.
  4. Hormonal disorder
  5. Anxiety
  6. Obesity

Here are Some Tips or Remedies you can Try to Stop the Excessive Sweat in your Body:

  1. Pediatrics studies shown that an infant body is usually warmer, so if you have a baby, make sure the room where he sleeps is well ventilated to avoid too much sweating on the head.
  2. If you are obese.  Try to lose some weight.
  3. Avoid eating too much spicy food and drinking liquid with caffeine because they will only aggravate your condition.  Instead munch on more fruits and vegetables to help you cool down your system.

Since I have mentioned that excessive sweating may be one of the symptoms of severe condition then it is best to consult or see your physicians for best treatment and to address your medical needs.


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