Does Toothpaste Really Help to Cure Acne ?

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does toothpaste help acneThere are a lot of urban myths which have been circulating for years already about acne treatments.  Some aren’t really true, but one thing really stood out and proved itself that it helps to cure acne and the answer – toothpaste. Probably, the use of toothpaste to help clear acne problems might sound a bit strange for you.  Have you heard about that before?  Does it can really help to cure acne problems?  Though putting toothpaste to help cure pimples has never been verified medically yet, who knows maybe it might work for you.

Now you have an idea that it isn’t just for your teeth.  But does it really help ? Read on to find out.

The Effect of Toothpaste on Pimples

The use of toothpaste to get rid of pimples is often applied as a spot treatment.  The ingredients found on toothpaste dry the acne once left on skin overnight.  However, it is not advised to rely on it as a long-term cure to pimples as they tend to make one’s skin dry.  Remember, it is only used as a quick fix or in moments when you’ve ran out of acne cream.

So,  how does it work?

Using toothpaste to help fight pimple works by absorbing oil from your zits because of the menthol and alcohol it contains.  It also has Triclosan which helps kill bacteria. Moreover, it works by preventing possible breakouts as well as drying up the current ones.

Tips on How to Apply on Zits

Doing this is really simple.  Before going to bed at night, wash your face and pat dry it.  Then apply a small amount to your pimples.  Leave it overnight.  Upon awakening, wash your face off.  Do this few times a week to help speed up the process of getting rid of pimples.

Guide on Choosing the Right Types

Remember, not all toothpaste support this practice.  The kind that you need is actually a white paste and not the gel kind.  Also, one should avoid using brands with whitening and bleaching effects as they contain hydrogen peroxide which tends to burn one’s skin.  Avoid red-colored pastes, too.  You might also want to consider mixing baking soda with water on your pimples to achieve similar effect.

We’ve already presented the thoughts of considering toothpaste in treating pimples.  Though other people find it effective, it doesn’t mean it will go the same with you.  Still, the best thing to do is consult a dermatologist first and use only the products that you’ve really tried and tested.


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