Almoranas Causes, Symptoms, and Cure

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Almoranas is the Filipino term given to refer to a medical condition widely known as hemorrhoids. We all know that hemorrhoids are enlarged veins in the rectal area. They occur when there is pressure in the area thus inhibiting blood flow. The condition, then, results in a protruding hemorrhoid which is also painful and swollen. Learn more as we tell you about almoranas causes, symptoms, and cure by reading the rest of the article below.

Hemorrhoids – Causes

There are several factors contributing to almoranas. Some of them are the following:

    • Genetic
    • Pregnancy and childbirth
    • Constipation or straining during bowel movements
    • Prolonged sitting
    • Infections in the rectal area
    • Medical condition like cirrhosis of the liver
  • Weight lifting

Hemorrhoids – Symptoms

Apparently, they can be classified as either internal or external depending on where it is seen. But the symptoms they display are almost alike except that there is a protruding bump in the anus in external hemorrhoids. Some of the symptoms seen include:

  • Itching, redness, and burning sensation
  • Anal pain aggravated when sitting
  • Bleeding like there is presence of blood in the toilet paper or during bowel movement
  • Pain during bowel movements

Almoranas provides a great deal of pain to the sufferer thus it is important that one has knowledge on how to treat the condition via medical interventions or home remedies which you’ll learn more in this post.

Hemorrhoids – Home Treatment

The methods on how to cure the problem is dependent on its severity. Some situations may require you to get a surgery, ligation, or infrared coagulation depending on your physician’s recommendation.

On the other hand, for mild cases of almoranas, several home remedies are available to help you deal with the symptoms. Natural treatment includes:

  • Use of a corticosteroid ointment to reduce inflammation and pain
  • Stool softeners are widely available to get rid of constipation
  • Medicines in the form of creams with lidocaine may be bought to reduce pain.
  • Perform sitz bath by sitting in the bowl filled with warm to hot water for atleast 15 minutes.
  • Witch hazel may also be applied on the affected area to minimize itching and burning sensation.

And like any other situations, preventing it is always the best way to treat the problem. Therefore, employing simple measures are helpful such as:

  • Drinking plenty of fluids.
  • Eating a high fiber rich diet.
  • Wearing cotton underwear.
  • Avoid scented toilet paper which may irritate the area.

You see, in the picture above is a case of almoranas. Follow the tips given above to avoid the problem and be freed from its discomfort.


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