Windows Defender Application Failed to Initialize

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Have you already experienced the  ” windows defender application failed to initialize 0x800106ba ” error, Yesterday i installed games in my new quad core desktop computer and i encounter this ” windows defender application failed to initialize 0x800106ba ” error.  Below is the image of the exact error message i encountered:

Windows Defender Application Failed to Initialize error message
I tried to restart my computer and whenever i restart it you will still see the  windows Defender service error message popping up.  I just noticed that i started to encounter this message error as soon as i installed the game so i researched on the net about this Windows defender services error and i found out that the 2009 Mcafee Security for Windows Vista which is installed in my computer really disable the Microsoft Windows Defender. So, just leave that setting there and don’t enable the Windows Defender because Mcafee Security disables it to improve the system performance.  I don’t know what happened, maybe something in the game’s installer has enabled the Windows Defender that’s why i kept on seeing ” windows defender application failed to initialize 0x800106ba ” error whenever i restart my PC.  So if you also encounter this problem and you have Mcafee Security installed in your PC, what you have to do is to make sure to disable it.

Here’s How to Disable the Windows Defender Service :

1. Just Click Windows
2. Select All Programs
3. then select Accessories
4. Right Click the Command Prompt
5. Run as Administrator
6. then type these commands in command prompt

  • sc config WinDefend start= “disabled”
  • sc stop WinDefend

Note: that you have to put space between = and “

7. then Press Enter

I was able to fix it When i disabled the windows defender and Im not
seeing that annoying popping message whenever i will restart my computer.  Hope this Help. :-)


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