How Can I Watch TV on my Computer for Free

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How Can I Watch TV on my Computer for Free “I usually work till late at night and most of the time I often miss my favorite shows on TV. How can I watch TV on my computer for free?”

Well, you might be one of the persons who always complain about missing the episodes of their favorite TV shows. But, you know what? There is no need to worry about missed episodes as there are a number of websites that offer PC users to watch TV shows and movies at no cost. Yes, you heard it right; they are exactly free and can be watch right from your own computer. “How can I watch TV on my computer for free? The answer can be read after the jump so bear with us a little more and learn how watch TV shows and movies online for free.

Watch TV Shows on PC for Free

Most people do not realize that together with a good Internet connection and a laptop or computer, they will be able to find a lot of options available online to watch their favorite TV shows. – All which are not just free but legal as well. Online movies and TV shows can be availed through several choices including the following:

  • Television Networks: Sometimes, even the network itself provides opportunities to viewers to watch a free episode of the TV program. Just search for the website of your favorite show.
  • Collection of Websites: These are actually aggregation of TV shows which are sponsored by advertisers. You can watch the TV shows for free; however, there are few minutes of advertisements. Examples of these websites are:
  • a popular website which offers download of full episodes and video clips of your favorite shows. The clips are smooth and clear.
  • Sling: this website offers channels such as CBS, NBC, Fox, etc.  Like Hulu, Sling also offers full length episodes and impressive lists of popular movies and TV shows, all for free.
  • TVChannelsFree: has one of the largest TV channels collections. The site features over 3700 channels from more than 60 countries globally. To make this site work, you’ll be asked to install some plug-ins.
  • TidalTV and InnerLive
  • YouTube: this is one of the most popular sites which offer free clips of different TV shows and movies.

Play Movies and TV shows on Your PC

When you’ve found a good website where you can watch your favorite movies and shows, you can stream the movies and TV shows directly on your computer. Some sites will ask you to download necessary software to be able to play the free media content on the Internet.

Watching free TV shows and movies 4 free is really convenient especially if you are very busy that you are not able to catch the episode. It has really become a great alternative especially that you can watch them at no cost.

Hopefully, your fuss about “How can I Watch TV on my computer for free?” has been answered through this post. Good luck!


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