How to Reduce Open Pores on Face

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reducing open pores on faceThe face is the part of the body which draws attention first among any other parts.  People read your mind based from your facial expression and gestures.   People judge you by the look on your face.  It so important to take care of your face more than anything else.   Though our face seems to be the smallest part of our physical body, this has so many imperfections such as whitehead and blackhead on the nose or on face, pimples/acne (caused by clogged pores), uneven skin tone and large open pores.   These problems are very common in teenagers or even adults.   In this article we will try to find the right treatment and how to reduce open pores on face which is one of the causes of imperfections.

How to Reduce Open Pores on Face

Home remedy/remedies are really cheap and convenient to use.  These can help you control and decrease the pores on your face.  So, read on.

  • Cold water or ice.  Clean your face and cheeks first by washing it with mild soap and rinse off with warm water then followed by a cold one.  You can get some ice cubes and place it in a towel then rub it on your face.  Ice can help minimize the open pores.
  • Tomato juice. Place the juice inside the freezer.  Once it’s already iced, rub it on your face and cheeks.
  • Egg white.  This has a property that can tone the skin and can reduce the pores.  Just simply separate the white part from the yolk, and then apply directly on your face.  Once it dries, rinse off with cold water.
  • Cucumber. Extract the juice from cucumber by using the blender.  Apply the juice on your face as facial wash.  This helps clear your skin and minimize the pores.

In addition to the above mentioned remedies, you have to remember that when using facial products make sure that you use water based not oil based. Stop using any products that can worsen your condition.  Take food supplements such as Vitamin E and C because this is good for your skin.   Keep hydrated to prevent toxins from accumulating inside your body.  Talk to your dermatologist once in a while to help you on how to cure severe cases of skin condition.


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