How to Travel During Pregnancy

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How to Travel During PregnancyWho says that pregnant women cannot enjoy traveling?  Of course they can still travel and go on vacation.  Pregnancy should not prevent you from enjoying traveling.  You just need to have some smart preparation, including a doctor’s blessing.  However, there’s an exception for pregnant women who need complete bed rest.  The safety of the baby and the mother should come first before anything else.  You wouldn’t want to risk your baby.

I’ve made a list of helpful tips for pregnant women who want to travel.  Take a look at the following before you hit the road:

Safety Travel Tips During Pregnancy

  • Visit your doctor.  You need to know your condition.  Get professional maternity advice.  If you need to be extra careful then do it.  You need to consider your prenatal test appointment, too.
  • The best and safest time to travel is during the second trimester.  This will keep you away from risks of miscarriage and premature labor. Most common emergencies usually happen in the early and late trimesters.
  • When you choose to fly, you need to see the policy of the airline about pregnancy travel.  This will make your air travel safer.
  • Choose the best seat for you and the baby.  Request an aisle seat.  If you take the bus or train, choose a middle seat.  You need to feel comfortable with your seat.  Do not forget to buckle up.  It’s for your own good.  If you are going to drive, make sure that you know the correct way to wear a seatbelt when you are pregnant.
  • Make your trip short.  Long trips on the road are stressful.
  • Taking a cruise on a holiday can be fun but you might want to avoid seasickness.
  • Avoid gas-producing food and soda pop before your flight because it will make you feel uncomfortable.
  • When you get to your destination, find a good hotel where you can take a rest.

You can travel places but you need to take necessary precautions.  Enjoy your tours!


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