How to Avoid Motion Sickness on a Boat

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Avoid Motion Sickness on a BoatSome people are just easily being struck by motion sickness when travelling. This causes a person to experience feelings of nausea and dizziness, vertigo, abdominal discomfort therefore leading to vomiting.  It can occur when you travel in any moving vehicle such as car (car sickness), airplane (air sickness), and when it happens when you’re in a boat, we refer to it as sea sickness.   At times when you get to visit places through the boat or sailboat, a case of motion sickness can spoil the day.  It ruins the entire sailing adventure or trip which you wouldn’t want to happen, right?  Then if you are suffering from this condition, this page is dedicated to you as we’ll tell you how to avoid motion sickness on a boat.  Here are some of the remedies, prevention, and treatment which you can practice on how to get rid of it.

How to Avoid Motion Sickness on a Boat

  • Try several over the counter medication that can help you deal with your motion sickness (e.g. Dramamine)
  • Eat small frequent meals of low-fat and starchy foods.  Stay away from greasy and acidic foods that will only make your tummy feel worse.
  • When you experience vertigo on the boat, the key is to keep your gaze and head as still as possible.  Look ahead and watch the distant horizon when you feel that the motion sickness gets in to you.
  • Do not read while on the boat.
  • Go to an open area, and get fresh air.
  • Prior to traveling, do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages that can aggravate the situation.
  • Drink a lot of water.  Vomiting causes dehydration therefore lowering your body’s resistance.
  • Eating peppermint with ginger ale is also among the natural prevention methods to help you overcome the condition.
  • If you must lie down, then sleep on your back and not on the side.  The position supports your stomach better when the ship has to bounce around.

Follow the tips above on how to avoid motion sickness on a boat and avoid the condition to snatch away the fun that you’ll have to experience while on a cruise.  Enjoy!


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