Best Time to Travel to Spain

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Flamenco dancers.  Bull fights.  Spain has been well-known for these things. However, Spain is more than just bull fights and flamenco dancers.  It is a country of unique and rich culture.  It gives us the chance to experience Moroccan architecture and landscapes.  The spectacular palaces, castles, cathedrals, and Roman ruins are very inviting.

Best time to travel to Spain - Madrid

Madrid Spain

Tourist Attractions in Spain

Let’s be more specific of the best places to see in Spain.   Below is a short list of the things you might want to enjoy in Spain.

  • Madrid:  The capital city of Spain is famous for its rich cultural sights. You can see here The Prado which is considered one of the world’s best museums. It has the most detailed Spanish art collection and has the famous masterpieces by great artists like El Greco, Goya, Rembrandt, and Velasquez. You can also see here amazing castles and palaces.
  • Barcelona:  This is the center of Catalonia which is one of the best places in Spain. The museum of Picasso is also here as well as Antoni Gaudi’s architecture. You can also see the Sagrada Familia, Mt. Montujic, and the Parque Guell and its Gaudi artwork.
  • Valencia: It is famous for its Fallas and these are actually the main attraction in this place.
  • Malaga, Huelva, Asturias, and La Manga: Experience the beauty and wonders of gorgeous and quiet beaches in these parts of the country. If you want cozy bars try visiting the harbor of Almerimar.
  • Andalucia: It has Sierra Nevada mountain range with comfortable skiing resorts so you will really enjoy your stay.

Just a simple tip for travelers, take the train in visiting the places that you would want to see as it’s the easiest and cheapest mode of transportation there.

Best Time to Travel to Spain

The type of weather that the country has is one important factor that determines your travel date. No one would want to take flights in terrible seasons. If you prefer a warm weather then the best time of the year to fly to Spain is in summer. Moreover, some tours only operate during summer. But in some places the weather can get too hot and expect the country to be crowded of tourists. But for people who would love to avail themselves the low hotels rates, then the best time to travel is in winter.

Visit the websites of Travelocity and Travelchannel for you to get the cheapest tour packages and flights to Spain.  Ten un viaje seguro!


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