Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets

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Best Time to Buy Airline TicketsWe all want to fly but as much as possible we want to avail low prices of airline tickets.  This can be done only if we are not in a hurry. Of course you cannot choose cheap flights or airfares if your trip is urgent.  Your choices are limited to what is available at the day of your scheduled travel.

This post is to help those who have plans to go on vacation abroad but waiting for low airfares.  We will give you the best time to buy airline tickets.

When is the Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets ?

  • When you go online, try to search for the websites of the airlines that you know.  They offer great deals and there is a season when they go on sale. Once in a while visit their sites to stay updated.  If you happen to see low prices, then it’s high time for you to buy and get booked.
  • If you have friends working for travel agencies, ask them for promotions. If their agencies offer such, then grab it and buy tickets.
  • Consider the day of your flight. Usually Wednesdays are one of the cheapest days to fly. This is however, applicable to domestic flights.
  • It’s also said that tickets are cheaper at 3pm Eastern Tuesday. This is also for domestic. International prices are different.
  • You can also get the chance to fly first class at coach prices if you are lucky enough to avail discounted first class airfares from domestic U.S airlines.
  • Shop for tickets weeks or months before your departure so you can compare prices. This is applicable only for vacation and personal reasons.

For more information about cheap airline tickets, visit ultimate fares and priceline websites. May you find the best deals!


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