Best Beach Resorts in Spain

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Sunset Beach club in Costa del Sol SpainSummer is one of the best seasons that everyone is looking forward to.  During summer, our families would go somewhere and would spend time together.  There are so many activities that we can do during this season, activities that will reunite us again with our families.  This season is truly warm and so more often, families would choose to spend it somewhere near bodies of water such as beaches or lakes.  Families would go to the nearest beaches or even travel somewhere where there are plenty of beach destinations.  Well, if you are one of those families who want to visit a country where there are so many sights, tourist attractions and sandy beaches then Spain would be the best place for you to spend your summer vacation.

Spain is a blessed country with a good weather all year round.  So, definitely it is the best place to spend your vacation anytime of the year.  So, what is the best beach resort in Spain ?  Sit back and relax.  I will be glad to help you in that.

Here are Some of the Best Beach Resorts in Spain or Some of the Best Places to Go in Spain :

  1. Sunset Beach club in Costa del Sol – It is located on the south coast of Spain.  It is one of the most popular holiday spots.  You can do a lot of stuffs here like beach bumming, water activities, night clubbing and witness the spectacular scenery from the other side of the place which is the mountainous part of it.  This resort offers only the best at an affordable rate.  (Upper left image is the Sunset Resort Club, click the image to enlarge)
  2. Marriot’s Marbella Beach resort – It is located in Malaga.  They offer great services for families, friends and romantic getaways.  They have pools and direct beach access which are great for your vacation.
  3. Blau Porto Petro Resort – It is located in Mallorca.  This property is stretched in front of sea line and sandy beach. It has also a golf course for family and friends, and for couples, they offer boat trip with classical concert and a personalized spa treatment.
  4. Cadiz, Spain – This is one of the best places in Spain where celebrities would want to visit just like Ines Sastre who has been seen lately with her family in one of the beaches here.

The list above gives us some information of the best places in this country where you can spend and enjoy your vacation with.  The list could go on but I only chose the best resorts for me.  Feel free to write in the comment box about some of the best resorts in Spain which are not included in my list.


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