Best Beach Resorts in India

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Best Beach Resorts in IndiaCould you feel the summer heat?   Well, yes I can feel the summer heat and can actually hear the refreshing sound of the waves from the sea.   Summer is really coming and it’s the best time to relax and unwind.   Have you planned any travel for that season?   If none, then you are on the right article.   This article will definitely tell you the information that you need regarding travel- places to go to visit and spend your holiday vacation or summer vacation.  And when we talk about best beach resorts for summer then it’s going to be in India. India is one of the greatest places on earth to spend your vacation.   It boasts some great beaches that you will definitely love.

I have a list of best beach resorts in India, feel free to browse and get some information about it.

Some of the Top Beach Resorts in India

  • The Leela Palaces Hotels and Resorts.  It is one of the executive beach resorts in Hyderabad, Bangalore, North Goa, Mumbai, Kerala, Pune and New Delhi.  In this place guests are served like Gods.  So you can expect for a very satisfactory accommodation from the staff and the owner.  They have different services that you can choose from to really get the pleasure of staying there.
  • Bogmalo Beach, Goa.  It is considerd as the best tourist hang outs in India.  This place is less crowded compared to other beaches.  Diving is one of the main activities in this place.
  • Taj Fisherman’s Cove Chennai. It is one of the best.  They promise a very comfortable stay in this place.  They serve delicious cuisine from Indian to International cuisine.  They offer different services which allow you to choose and enjoy your stay.
  • Orange Country Resorts and Hotels, Karnataka.  They’ll give you the most luxurious holiday of your life.  They also arrange some activities that you will surely love.
  • Radisson Plaza Resort and Spa Kumarakom, Kerala.  They offer deluxe rooms, private pools and scenic landscape that could really captivate your heart.

Above list are the India’s top resorts that can accommodate you on your vacation.   They can give you the best treatment that you need but remember they come with a prize so pack your things now and be ready for an experience of a lifetime.


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