Live-in Relationship Problems

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Live-in Relationship ProblemsNowadays, there are different things that youngsters do.  Some are weird; others are not really morally accepted.  The youth have the tendency to follow what they see in others.  They don’t think it over before they act and do the same thing.  They are simply impulsive. One of the patterns or trends in the society is live in relationships.  This is very common now.

Have you heard about Priyanka and Rajbir from India? They have been in a live-in relationship.  In India, particularly in Pune, this kind of relationship is legal.  If you are into this kind, then you’re “in.”  You can see a lot of couples that live together without the blessings of marriage.  They simply decide to live under one roof because of reasons that are hard to understand sometimes. But whatever reasons they have, the bottomline is it isn’t morally upright to engage in this kind of relationship for true Christians.  There may be advantages but as always, there are two sides of the coin.

Just like any other kinds of relationship, live in relationships also face challenges and problems.  They are listed below:

  • The first problem is it is bad in the eyes of God.  Cohabitation, which is the act of living together and having a sexual relationship without being married, is a great sin.  God condemn this kind of relationship.  According to God’s law, it is marriage that will bring a man and a woman together.
  • You are not emotionally secured.  Since you are not married, you cannot demand full attention of your partner.  You don’t have the right to do so because you are just live-in partners.  Forgive me but it’s an illegal relationship.
  • At one point of your relationship, one will be overprotective while the other will feel suffocated.  But there are limitations.  It’s really hard to fix and deal with these challenges.
  • Having a child is discouraged.  This is not the right time to have a baby. Would you like to have an illegitimate child?  Furthermore, your child will suffer from your situation.  Don’t let it happen.  For some, they think having a baby will lead to marriage.
  • Many people raise their eyebrows to couples who live together out of wedlock. They disapprove it.  Expect them to talk about your life.

Being with your partner is great but deciding to live together out of wedlock is not at all a good idea.  If you think it’s glamorous, think again.

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