How to Tell If a Guy Likes You

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how to tell if a guy likes youHow do you really know that a guy is interested with you? Have you been in a situation where in you seem to be noticed by someone? Well, does this mean he likes you or is it just a result of your fancy imagination? Sometimes, they play mysterious. It is hard to tell whether the guy likes you or not. When you seem to be well interested in knowing, here are some tips on how to tell if a guy likes you.

1. He is interested with your personal background. He would maybe ask you or ask someone else. One thing more is that he asks for your number. It is basically implied that he is interested to know you better.
2. He would give you a killer smile and illuminating glance or he would simply look at you from to time. He couldn’t take away his eyes from you.
3. He would come to you to meet you officially and would ask you questions like if you are committed or not and even he would ask you to go out with him.
4. He seems to be there surprisingly. In situations when you don’t expect him to be there. He know where you are going at and your time schedule, he’s even aware of it. It just means he made a way to get close to you.
5. If he finally tells you he likes you. There you would surely know that the guy is interested of you.

Be friendly and approachable but always know your limitations. And if you are sure that the guy likes you, don’t be shy, flirt with him using body language. Show the guy you like him too if you really do. This is where every relationship begins. Let love grow from a good start.


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