How to know you have moved on

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moved onGetting over with a past relationship seems so difficult and that you should still think of the worst before you can finally let the person go. You hear a lot of advices from friends every day but how do you know that you have moved on already? What are some signs that tell you, you can rise up again and start anew? Maybe you are looking for some indicators on how to know you have moved on. Simply take these tips.

  • You could actually talk about your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend without hesitance and bitterness. When love is still there, you can’t talk about the person in public.
  • You do not think of fancy thoughts you and you ex do together before. You definitely stop comparing him to others. The things he does well, his strengths and weaknesses. And definitely if you are ready to give your heart again.
  • You do not let the next person who comes to you to be just a rebounder instead someone whom you can give your whole heart and mind.
  • You do not think of the person so often anymore. You are not destructed by him. That the memories you had together in the past will just remain in the past.
  • You are prepared to see the person face to face and can converse with him already. To move on is very different from being pretentious. You have to be the real you.
  • You are not affected and would be happy for the person if he finds someone new. You probably would want to be friends with him.

They may be hard to attain but definitely, here are some of the things that show that you have moved on or not. Having achieved these things will surely give you freedom and peace in your heart and mind.


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