How to Know if Someone Likes you Romantically

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How to Tell if Someone Likes you RomanticallyDo you want to be sure if a person likes you in a romantic way?  How can you figure out that a boy or girl is attracted to you romantically?  Well, it isn’t that hard to find out how a person really feels for you when you can see apparent signs.

Signs that a Person Likes you Romantically

  • When you are talking to the person, he or she asks many questions and tells many things about a certain topic just to keep the conversation going.  This is because the longer the conversation, the longer you will be around.
  • A man or woman who is attracted to you shows interest in your daily life and asks about your family and friends.  He/ She also shares personal things with you which nobody knows.
  • The man or woman likes you romantically if he / she stalks you.  The person suddenly shows up to where you are.  He/She of course will deny and give excuses like he/ she happens to be there because he/ she is up to something but actually he/ she intended to be there.  The person finds ways and reasons just to be with you.
  • You can also tell that a person is attracted to you when the man / woman keeps on staring at you.  When you catch him/ her, he/ she suddenly turns his attention to another direction or holds an eye contact. Talking about body language.
  • You know that a person is thinking about you if he / she suddenly texts you in the middle of the night or sends you several emails in a day just to say something trivial.
  • Generosity is also a good sign that he or she likes you romantically.  He/She gives you a treat to expensive restaurants or gives something to you that an ordinary friend would not do.  The person does not mind the price tag.  This helps you find out his / her true feelings.
  • If his/ her friends tease the person when you are around, that’s also a sign that this man / woman likes you.
  • When you need help, he/ she is more than willing to do whatever he/ she can to help you.  You will also do this to make someone like you.
  • Lastly, you can tell that a person loves you or has a crush on you by his/ her gestures and verbal communication.  You will feel it with the things he/ she does for you.

These are some of the obvious signs that a person likes you romantically.  If you want to know how to get someone to like you, then you can also do the things mentioned above.


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