How to Gain Respect

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get respectTo gain respect is to give respect. Of course nobody would want to be disrespected. We deserve such no matter who, what, or how old you are. It helps to know yourself. Assess your behaviour in relating to others. As what the golden rules states, do unto others what you want others do unto you. If you want to be valued, pay respect to others no matter what their status is. Gaining respect from friends, from peers and from others is one thing everyone would want to achieve. Even a leader from his followers or from your partner in a relationship.

1. To gain other people’s respect sometimes is hard to attain. Now, I give you tips on how to gain respect. I hope they’ll work for you.
1. People respect you because you respect them and you value yourself. You cannot give what you do not have so you should respect yourself first before you could give it to others. It helps to know the ways on how to pay respect. Have a clean and open heart for others, understand that people vary in preferences and that you may have come up with varied decisions and you must have that certain quality to understand. In this way, you’ll be able to get the same in return.
2. Model a good personality. People would respect you if you deal in every difficult situation with strong will and positive outlook. Just humbly bring out your skills and knowledge.
3. Be honest and loyal and responsible to people close to you. Never ever put them down. And if you promise something, do it. And when you have made mistakes, kindly honor that it was your fault and do not pass the blame to others.
4. Listen to others as you would want to be listened to. When someone is talking, focus on listening, look to the person in the eyes and let him know that you are all ears to what he is saying. Answer if you are asked a question and appreciate them for you have learned something new.
5. Do not comment negatively or give wrong judgements to people. Let yourself be one of those who try to simplify or fix things rather than making it more complicated.
6. Be aware of your words and actions, your gestures and facial expressions. These things reveal who you are. Be decent. Be rational and diplomatic.
7. Do not be self-centered. Think that you can help others too and that you can be generous with your overflowing love and respect for others. In this way, you’ll be able to maximize what you have by being a good role model to everyone.

Be one of those who play gains respect by simply being nice. As I always say, it pays to be nice. I hope you were empowered on these tips on how to gain respect. The ultimate rule is the golden rule.


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