How to Date your Professor – Dating Guide

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how to Date ProfessorA student who falls in love with a professor ?

This is not so uncommon.  Nowadays many students get attracted with their teachers and in some cases their feelings are reciprocated.  The professor also falls in love with the student.  For some, dating with a professor is challenging and awesome.  For others, it’s embarrassing.

If you are into dating your professor or a member of your school’s faculty, then keep reading for dating guide and tips to make your date a success.

How to Date your Teacher

  • Remember that it’s not a good idea to date with your professor. Consider what others might say.  He may have a life outside school but for the sake of delicadeza, you should not date with him/her.
  • If you go out, don’t be out in the open.  Go to places that are more private so the colleagues of the professor will not see you.
  • Show that you got brains.  You’re dating with a teacher so more likely you will talk about things about education policies and news.  Be well-informed and updated.  Do some research online or read newspapers.
  • You might be starting to build a more intimate relationship but know your limitations.  You are still a student and he is your professor.  If you are within the school premises, don’t show intimacy.
  • Wait for the perfect timing.  To have a better relationship wait patiently until you move to another class or school or until you graduate.
  • Before living with your professor, you have to think about it over and over again.

Dating with your teacher comes with several problems.  Your grades can be affected if you and your teacher face problems especially when the teacher takes them personally.  Your teacher can also lose his job and you may end up moving to another school.  Make up your mind and make a good decision. If you are really destined to each other, marriage will take place in God’s time.  Good luck!


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