How to Date a Womanizer

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how to date a womanizerDating with womanizer guys can be very challenging and hard.  You don’t know if you are just one of the women whom they consider their toys.  It’s hard to trust a womanizer even if he says he has changed and you are the only apple of his eyes now.  He’s a certified player with girls. But of course there are few guys who could change-from a womanizer to a one woman man.

But you are here because you took the challenge of dating a womanizer.  Don’t let him take the upper hand without fighting.  Read on for dating guide and tips.

How to Date a Womanizer

  • Find a way to get his schedule.  This way you can trace him.  You can tell where to find him if you want to surprise him.  This is also one good way to check if he’s telling lies to you.  Guys who are into numerous women at a time tend to be liars.  I’ve been there so I know their true colors.
  • Make him feel that you do trust him and that you believe him when he says that he has changed and that he wants to be serious with you now (but actually you don’t).  Don’t show any signs that you distrust him. This will make him comfortable with you.  What happens if you are always suspicious with him?  The more that he will defend himself and the more that he will keep on being a playboy.  Sometimes believing that your partner is actually good can help him realize his mistakes instead of nagging at him.
  • Check his phone if you have the chance.  If there is a security code, hmmm you have to think.  There’s something fishy.  Watch out!
  • Pay a surprise visit to his work or to his house.  If he’s doing some monkey business, then you will notice it.
  • Don’t give in to his mundane desires like sex.  This is to test if he can stand with it or not.  Womanizers are just interested with sex.  Challenge him this way.
  • Do not sleep with him so he won’t get any chance of taking advantage with you.
  • Try to divert his attention to some other things like travel, sports, and others.  Invite him to any events that can interest him.
  • Do not be submissive to him.  Womanizers like challenges.  Have a strong personality to let him know that you have self-esteem.

I hope that these dating pieces of advice can help you play your games well with a womanizer.  Help him get rid of his womanizing personality.  Teach him loyalty, respect, and a sense of commitment to women.


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