How to Date a Leo Girl

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date guide for leo girlTrying to get a woman who has a very strong or different personality is pretty challenging, especially when you are also a dominating person.  This is the reason why you are here because you wanted to get some ides on how to date a Leo girl, a girl who is bossy and proud.

We’ll try to help you through giving you the traits of a Leo girl and some dating tips to make your date a success.

The Leo Girl

  • She is a confident girl.
  • She is very bossy and she wants to dominate and rule any situation, even in the bedroom.
  • She is stubborn and melodramatic.
  • She loves praises and compliments.
  • She demands and expects loyalty from her partner.
  • She likes being treated like a queen.
  • She is a friendly and kind girl.

Dating Tips for Leo Girl

  • Since she is a woman of confidence and she loves praises, be generous in giving her compliments.  Appreciate her hairstyle and the way she dresses up.  I’m pretty sure she’ll be very happy hearing those.
  • Give her the best on the first date because she has high expectations.  If you disappoint her, you may not get the chance to have another date.
  • Do everything to make her feel special and that she’s the only one in your heart and mind.  Treat her as the apple of your eyes. She wants all your attention.
  • Never try to lie to her.  Lying to her is a big deal.  She won’t forgive you.
  • Let her rule.  She wants to be on top in any situation so let her be the boss in your relationship.  If you can’t stand it, then the Leo woman is not for you.  When you let her rule in bed, you’ll love it. She can be wild.
  • She is a loyal partner. S he also has a sense of responsibility so appreciate these things about her and you’ll keep her.

Compatibility Dating Guide

Leo people are compatible with Aries, Cancer, Aquarius, Gemini, and Leo. They are incompatible with Libra, Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, and Scorpio.

Now, check your sign in astrology?  Are you compatible?  If in case, you aren’t compatible, you can still do something about it.  Keep on trying!


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