How to Date a Fat Girl

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How to Date a Fat GirlFat women are sometimes insecure about themselves.  They think they are so ugly because of their weight.  This is the reason why they are sometimes afraid of dating.  They are afraid of rejection.  Some fat people also develop the so-called social phobia.  Dating is one of their fears.  But there are those men who still fall for fat women.

Guides when Dating a Fat Chick

Below is a list of dating tips and pieces of advice for guys out there who date fat women.  Take a look at the following:

  • Think it as a blessing in disguise.  It is not always in the looks. Bear in mind that looks can be deceiving. Fat girls are usually sweet, caring, romantic, faithful, and generous.  These qualities of a girl are what most men look for in a girl.  If you have a fat woman, then you must be a lucky guy.
  • You will never get hungry if you are in a relationship with a fat woman. Name what you want to eat and you’ll have it.  You will always have a good appetite because your woman has a good appetite.  This is one of the benefits of dating a fat girl.
  • Prepare yourself to hear conversations that talk about you.  It’s a natural scenario especially if you are a man with good physique.  Never mind them.  They may laugh at you but it’s no longer your problem. It is their problem.
  • You will always have fun if you date with a fat woman. You can eat anything you want.  You won’t have to think of places to eat. Fat girls are not choosy.  Most of them just love to eat anything. Isn’t it fun?
  • Fat women are nicer to hug and cuddle with. You’ll have your life-size huggable pillow.  Isn’t it better than cuddling with a skinny woman?
  • You will never have to worry about your girl.  She will not be chased by other men. NO jealousy, no problems, no fights.
  • You can take her anywhere.  They are up for anything.  They are excited to be somewhere with you.

Dating fat women is a sign that you are a real man because you are not worry about what would other people may say.


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