Dating Guide – How to Date a Korean Girl

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how to date a korean girlDating a girl for the first time can make a guy nervous especially when the girl is of different culture.  Some guys just like you do some research first before asking the girl to go out on a date.  They need dating tips and ideas to impress the person.  I’ve noticed that many Western guys are interested in dating Asian girls such as Korean, Chinese, and Japanese girls.

This post is to help guys on how to date a Korean girl.  If you are smitten by the beauty of a Korean girl then keep on reading for dating tips and guide.

How to Date Korean Girl

  • Forget about your diet and body figure.  Korean girls will make you fat by feeding you much food.   They will make your body undesirable that no other girls would be interested to you.
  • Be willing to carry her bag or purse when she tells you to. Yes, it’s embarrassing but you wouldn’t like to see her frowning in public.
  • Be kind to the people dear to her from her sister to her great-grandmother.
  • Every Korean woman craves for designer bags or clothing.   If you want to impress her then give her something not made of paper.  You need to prepare your pocket.
  • Just ignore if you see her eating so much.  Most Korean girls are really fascinated by food. Don’t be surprised because they have huge stomachs.  They will stop when they are really full.
  • Don’t get your eyes off her.  She wants to feel special.  When you are with her, you should not pay attention to any other girls.  You should be all eyes on her.  She will notice if you look at another girl.  She’ll make a big deal out of this thing.
  • Choose the perfect date time and place to make your moments unforgettable.

Korean dating services are also available online.  These can help you find and meet your Korean dream girl or dream boy.   These services can also give you further information about your love interest.   Check them out.   May you have wonderful moments with your date!


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