How to Make a Dog Vomit Using Salt

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Make a Dog Vomit Using SaltIf asked what the most loved domestic pet is; the answer would be dogs, right? It is because of their loyalty to their masters.  Dogs whatever their dog breed is are in fact lovely which is why it feels disheartening when your puppy is suffering from something that gives him a lot of discomfort.  Let’s say, it has ingested something he shouldn’t have like chocolate, candies, or other foreign objects.  In this case, inducing vomiting might be the best idea for the problem.  Though it doesn’t sound good as it is, allowing you dog through the use of salt may be highly beneficial.  So, how to make a dog vomit using salt?  Here’s how.

How to Make a Dog Vomit Using Salt

To make a dog puke using sodium chloride or salt, you need to put atleast half to one teaspoon of salt at the back of your dog’s tongue.  Apparently, salt contains properties which can actually irritate the digestive tract therefore inducing vomiting.  Wait for atleast several minutes for your dog to begin the vomiting process and take away any foreign object that it has expelled.

Some posts are also saying that using hydrogen peroxide is also another beneficial way on how to let your puppies barf.  This can be done by placing three teaspoons of it and placed at the back of the tongue.  But for this to work, you may need fresh hydrogen peroxide for this.  To test its freshness, it should fizz right away.

There you go; this is how to make a dog vomit using salt.  Although this post gives pretty much advice on how to do so, it would still be better to look for a vet and avoid inducing vomiting as these may even aggravate the condition of your dog.  Do not follow the instructions given when in doubt.  Good luck!


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Mukang Aso Says:January 13th, 2011 at 6:38 am

I agree. It would be better to go to a vet than harm your pet further. There are even posts which say using sugar and vinegar can be used in a dog’s nausea and vomiting. I totally disagree though. Thanks for the post anyways.

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