How to Save Money Wisely

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save money wiselySaving wisely is one of my weaknesses. I wanna learn too how to save money wisely. As I grow older, I realized that I need to earn too, for my future and for my future family as well. At my age, I still think of the present though sometimes I get to think of the future. I know I’m not getting any younger. Time will come that I’ll need to settle down and I want that if that time comes, I’ll be financially ready.

I’ll give you some tips where you and I can earn together. Check the following tips on how to save money wisely.

1. The less you spend, the more you save. You have to check how much you spend every day and if you still can lessen the spending, do it. If you want to, allot how much allowance you need for the day.
2. It helps to look into your budget. Note how much your income is and your expenses. You have to control your expenses as much as not sacrificing the important areas where you need more budget just like food.
3. If you do shopping or buy groceries, buy in bulk. Plan meals in advance and make your own grocery list. It’ll not only make you save but also to do the shopping easier.
4. Get away from buying signature clothes or top brand products. That’ll make you save more. You can also avail of discounts.
5. If possible don’t carry with you credit cards. It’s a lot better to have none to stay away from debt.
6. Have a more nutritious food at home. If you think of buying to restaurants or fast food, think again and I advise you better not.
7. Open an account for you. You can save the 5% of your monthly salary. This way you can do better in saving money.

Here are just some tips on how to save wisely. It’s never easy to earn money. We worked so hard for it so we must guard it for our future. Don’t get addicted and go much with the trend. Be simple and practical.


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