How to Stop Friend Request on Facebook

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Stop Friend Request on FacebookI have my Facebook account and I do receive lots of friend request even from people that I don’t know.  Are you experiencing the same thing? I bet.  You wouldn’t be here if not, right?

Everytime I get a friend request, I check on the profile photo if it rings a bell. If it does, I accept and confirm it.  Another thing that I do is to check on the mutual friends.  If they seem reliable, I do confirm the request. Otherwise, I decline.

On the other hand, it’s fun to receive friend requests because that’s the reason behind the creation of this social networking site.  This shows that many are interested to add you and connect with you.  The downside is it is sometimes unsafe and annoying to get from strangers and people that you want to forget.

What Can We Do to Stop Friend Requests on Facebook ?

Try the following to cancel/ undo a pending friend request and to limit the friend invites you receive.

  • Sign in to your FB account.  At the top right of your homepage, hit Privacy and then scroll down.  Look for the Block List button.  In there, write the name of the person whom you sent a request but you want to cancel it.  After you’ve added the person’s name to the list, remove the person from it.  Now try to search the person’s name on the search bar, you’ll see the friend request is gone.
  • This is Plan B. Click on Privacy Settings and hit Manage under it.  Now write the name of the person you don’t want to be friends with.  Hit Block.  Then go back and write the name in the box again and unblock him/ her.  The friend request will then disappear.
  • This is to stop getting invites.  Click on the requests link.  You’ll see that requests will pop up and click Ignore Requests from this Friend.  Any requests from this person in the future will be blocked by Facebook. The good thing is that the person is not notified that his/ her requests are denied.

Security comes first.  Don’t let this networking site ruin your image or invade your privacy.  To prevent receiving bad comments on your status from strangers, do not accept their invites or better yet, quit this (I know you can’t).


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