Hidden Skype Emoticons – All New Secret Skype Emoticons and Smileys

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Hidden Skype Emoticons – All New Secret Skype Emoticons and SmileysNow let’s talk about your enhancing your Skype experience. Nowadays, almost all people know about Skype as another arena for digital communication. Users of Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger have actually shifted and used Skype since the latter is also free and it has more functionalities suited for communication.

But just like any other instant messaging software, Skype comes with a couple of emoticons and smileys to help you add emotions to your messages apart from text formatting. There have been a couple of widely used codes which help you add emoticons to Skype, but are you aware of the hidden Skype emoticons and all new secret Skype emoticons and Smileys which come with latest version of this IM client? Learn more to find out the newest emoticons in 2011.

List of Cool, New, and Funny Skype Emoticons

Below are some of the newest and invisible codes which you can type when chatting on Skype version 5.5. To make sure that these will work, you have to download the latest version of the software.

  • (bandit)
  • (bug)
  • (drunk)
  • (facepalm)/ (fail)
  • (finger)
  • (fubar)
  • (headbang)
  • (heidy)
  • (hifive)
  • (mooning)
  • (notlistening)
  • (poolparty)
  • (smoking)
  • (swearing)
  • (tmi) – too much information
  • (toivo)
  • (tumbleweed)
  • (waiting)
  • (wfh) – working from home

You can also make a cat emoticon by holding down C A and T at the same time. However, the icon disappears once you let go of holding down the letters.

The use of emoticons has become an art in adding more feelings beyond what words can describe. Add extra fun to your chatting experience by making use of the abovementioned codes. Have fun!


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