How to Keep Your Hopes Up

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keep hope upKnowing that there is hope keeps us going. But sometimes, things don’t go the way we want them to be. Life gets to tough on us and if we don’t really know how to handle it, we will end up being defeated and that results to losing hope. What would life be, our dreams be without hope? What is the sense of waking up everyday and keep going on if there’s no hope? Life would be empty, no direction and a life without goals. Let us revive our spirits and claim that we are hopeful. Let us empower ourselves and learn how to keep your hopes up.

  • Acknowledge that your existence is a sign that there is hope. Remind yourself that you are extraordinary and that you are capable of doing things. You may have experience a nightmare in the past years if your life but believe that there is still hope. Those time are part of life, they make you stronger. Let yourself see things where hope is visible.
  • Be someone who does not insist what he wants in life, someone who patiently waits and claims changes in his plans or actions. Someone who is willing to grow and live by his goals but who is so much willing to change plans if necessary.
  • Knowing that after the rain, the sun will shine may probably increase your faith that there is still hope. We cannot eliminate problems, challenges and struggles in life but we should know that we can still go on and continue with life despite those tests of time.
  • Be with positive people. They will help you to bring back the hope you lost. That life would be so much better if you still believe that there is hope. Don’t be afraid and give up on your goals. Believe that there us hope in all you do.

No matter how you try to keep your hopes up if you do not make necessary action for it, they’ll never work. You have to give effort and dedication so that you yourself would be able to end up being hopeful. Hope is something being achieved by you, not by others.


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