How to Deal with Children with ADHD

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deal with a child with ADHDAttention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a disorder where in children develops problem such as inattentiveness, over active, being impulsive or it can also be a combination. One cause of having such disorder same as with autism and bipolar disorder is through genes. It can be hereditary.

Life with them can be very testing to parents. They should be well informed on what their precious child’s condition is about. There they should be able to accept it so they could be a great help in their child’s progress. There are different interventions that can be done. It’s a lot better that if you notice that your child shows symptoms of ADHD such as not paying attention to anything, to everything that you say, they cannot sit still, they move from one place to another, shows instances where in he/she yells out inapt things then let your child be assessed so proper intervention can be done. How do we really help them? How should we deal with them? Many are those who don’t know how to deal with them to show their affection and to let them feel that they blessed with loving parents.

• Don’t expect too much on your child. Give appreciations to the things he accomplishes well. Believe in your child, believe that he can do things on his own.
• Take breaks. Take care of yourself. You need also to give yourself a rest to bring back your energy and when at times, you’re bringing in too much burden and frustrations, it helps to re charge yourself too so you won’t drain or empty yourself.
• If you set rules, stick to them. Follow a schedule, adapt a routine until such time he could do it on his own already. You can also adapt a strategy where in you are going to make use of praises or giving rewards and consequences. Let him know and experience the consequences of the things he did wrong.
• Give your child a healthy diet. Let him eat the needed food for him. But a big no to chocolates.
• It’s very important for your child to socialize. Let him learn to make friends.

Above are some tips on how to deal with children with ADHD. Remember that they are exceptional, they require special attention. Have a safe and conducive environment for your child. Be a mom or dad who accepts the difficulty of your child. Help them in coping. Offer your full support and help for them.


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