Toothache Home Remedies – How to Stop Toothache Fast

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“Some tortures are physical and some are mental, but the one that is both is dental. “

toothache home remediesDental problems, really, are a big pain. Being in the situation where you experience severe toothache can really drive you nuts.  Your activities will be completely affected when your tooth is aching.  Dental pain is experienced due to cavity as well as other mouth-related diseases including impacted wisdom teeth.  It can also be because of improper brushing and excessive consumption of sweets.

While the best treatment on how to stop toothache is to visit your dentist and undergo dental procedures like tooth extraction or root canal, there are still simple yet effective ayuverdic treatment or toothache home remedies on how to stop toothache naturally.

Treat Toothache with Natural Home Remedies

In this article, we’ll provide you with some natural home remedies including herbal medicines that will provide pain relief on how to treat toothache. Continue reading on.

  1. Ice – Ice has a natural way of providing remedy from swollen gums and aching teeth. Apply ice directly on the teeth so that the pain impulses will numb in the area thus offering relief.
  2. Garlic – This is a proven natural remedy  to stop toothache.  Put a clove of garlic with a little salt on the affected area and wait as it alleviates pain.
  3. Onion – Onions are also good cure for aching tooth as they possess antibacterial properties so it doesn’t just remove the discomfort, but also kills germs in the affected tooth.
  4. Saltwater – Another homemade remedy to be freed from pain causing on the teeth is through rinsing your mouth with saltwater.  It helps by disinfecting your mouth.
  5. Clove oil – apply a little clove oil on the painful area using a cotton ball to relieve pain.  This creates an analgesic effect thus giving you relief from the pain.
  6. Wheat Grass – Its juice can also be substantial in toothache situations. Chew wheat grass to cure toothache.

Toothache can let us experience excruciating pain and oftentimes it strikes without a warning.  Well, in cases like these, it always boils down to observing proper dental hygiene so as to prevent tooth decay and tooth ache.   Also, it is very important to visit the dentist once in a while to prevent further dental complications.  Good luck! J


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