Psoriasis of the Scalp Treatment

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Psoriasis of the Scalp TreatmentPsoriasis of the scalp is a chronic skin condition which is manifested by symptoms including thick, red, and itchy patches on the scalp.  Oftentimes, this is also associated with dandruff-like scaling and inflammation. Hair loss may be temporarily present especially in severe cases.  Although this is commonly seen on the back of the head, this can also be present at the back of the ears.

Scalp psoriasis is usually mistaken as seborrheic dermatitis, but what sets the two apart is the color of the flakes wherein the former has silvery-white characteristics and yellowish- white on the latter.  Exact causes are not specifically known, however risk factors including weakened immune system and stress are linked. Apparently, there are several things you can do on how to treat the condition.  Let’s take a peek at some of the psoriasis of the scalp treatment.

Psoriasis of the Scalp Treatment

Basically, treatment is focused on controlling the symptoms. Do the following to treat the condition.

  • Use medicated shampoos with labels such as ketoconazole, salicylic acid, and tar.
  • Corticosteroids which may be bought over the counter which can also be applied topically on scalp.
  • In instances, steroids can also be injected on your scalp by your doctor especially if the condition is severe.
  • Phototherapy is also another effective treatment. This utilizes UV light to remove flakes and heal the skin.

Home Remedies for Psoriasis of the Scalp

Natural treatment can also be sought on how to treat scalp psoriasis.  This can be achieved through the following:

  • Apply essential oils on scalp such as jojoba oil and aloe vera. Massage this onto scalp and do this on a regular basis.
  • Tea tree oil, chamomile tea, and eucalyptus oil can also be massaged on the area.
  • Expose your head under the sunlight as an alternative to the phototherapy treatment.  The sun’s rays can also be used as another source of UV light which may be beneficial in getting rid of plaques.
  • Since stress is an aggravating factor, learn how to manage stress through the use of relaxation techniques such as exercise, swimming, yoga, etc.
  • Eating a nutritious diet as well as drinking plenty of fluids can also be helpful to avoid worsening of the condition.

However, if all of the home remedies mentioned above seem to fail and just do not work for you, it would be better to talk seek medical attention to be given proper treatment regarding your condition.  Good luck!  Meanwhile, let’s take a look at some photos of scalp psoriasis.


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